Turkish & Czech
Translations and Interpreting

We offer professional translation services since 1998 from Czech, English and German into Turkish; and from Turkish into Czech.

Our activities

Our Services

Our customers are Czech industrial companies, state and EU authorities, Czech and Turkish SME's, translation agencies and private citizens of both countries.


Interpreting takes an important part in our work .

  • On-site technical interpreting
  • Business meetings
  • State visits, EU work groups
  • Training programs
  • Court interpreting
  • 250+ cabin hours experience (simultaneous interpreting Czech Turkish only)

Technical translations

Our portfolio reflects the Czech Turkish business relations. We have become specialized in the following fields:

  • Railway technologies
  • Energy
  • Automotive industry
  • Machine engineering
  • IT

Certified translations

We offer court certified translations for the language combination Turkish Czech only.


  • Larger web sites (like Czech Export Bank
  • Embedded systems (various Symatic controllers, Multimedia system for cars, various control interfaces)
  • Software and documentation

Tenders and contracts

Large scale international tenders and contracts for railway vehicles, power plants, and other industrial systems.

Film, TV and prose

  • Translation of movies and TV series
  • Interpreting on international film festivals Karlovy Vary and FebioFest (QA's, press conferences, interviews)
  • Novel "Andel" by Jáchym Topol
  • Press releases, commercial texts


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Škoda Transportation

Škoda trams certainly look good on the streets of Eskişehir and Konya. From tender documentation to user guides we translated most of the project and interpreted during technical meetings and training programs.

  • Over 800 000 words from Czech and English into Turkish
  • Over 100 work days interpreting
  • Project and terminology management, 4 translators, 3 languages
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AŽD Praha

We have been working with the leading Czech railway systems producer since 2005 on all their projects in Turkey. Mainly to this cooperation we owe our expertise in:

  • Interlocking systems
  • Line signalling systems
  • Power supply systems
  • Train detection equipment
  • Outdoor elements like point machines, signal lamps etc.
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TPCA - Toyota

Several hundred employees were trained at the Turkish Toyota plant in the year before the TPCA (Toyota Peugeot Citroën Automobile Czech) factory opened in Czech Republic. Our job as in-house translators included the translation of large amounts of documentation and interpreting the theoretical and on-site training.

  • Training documents, work instructions, safety related documents
  • Welding, press, paint and assembly shops
  • Official State Visits
  • Eczacıbaşı Zentiva merger
  • Besides our main language pair, we have also translated a considerable amount from German and English into Turkish. Most of this work came through other translation agencies, the end-clients included a leading cloud application and platform service provider, textile and CNC machinery producers and software companies amongst others.


Prices are negotiable depending on project. We use CAT tools and offer repetition analysis. In-house we use open formats XLIFF and TMX.
Translation: 1 word: 2.8 Czech Koruna
Certified translation: 1 page: 700 Czech Koruna(Czech-Turkish only)
Consecutive interpreting 1 workday (8 hours): 9 000 Czech Koruna

Tolga & Martin Alaçam




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Tolga Alacam
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